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Why Was 1875 Beef Created?

Jamie Roscoe and his wife Angel created 1875 Beef with a purpose greater than filling their pockets - they wanted to support their restaurant and provide the community with access to higher quality food options at a price that didn't break the bank. With the need for local, ethically raised food growing ever more obvious, Jamie felt called to provide a solution to this evolving problem, one that would support the Cowboy Dinner Tree AND a community of hard working individuals and families who's lifestyle had resided in the world of ranching for decades.

In response to this need, 1875 Beef was born. Over the next handful of weeks we will be sharing parts of the origin story as it supports the overall vision of community dedication, ethical practice, and sustainable operation.

First up - Why was 1875 Beef Created?

Introduction to why Jamie and his wife Angel started 1875 Beef
1875 Beef Origin Stories

Jamie on horseback roping a calf in the summer lake valley with a description of how the 1875 beef program could support the community
Jamie Ropes Calves

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