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Economic Benefits of Shopping Local - Grass Fed Beef in Bend Oregon

The phrase, "shop local" is one that echos throughout most local producer's minds as they prepare for Saturday markets, seasonal venues, and package shipments to vendors throughout their communities. It seems obvious that shopping and utilizing local resources would be beneficial for both the producer and the consumer, but what are the economic benefits of staying local?

When it comes to 1875 Beef, eating local means you are providing wholesome nutrition to your family while supporting an operation dedicated to sustainability and humane practice. Supporting local farmers and ranches directly nurtures your community, bypassing larger commercial operations who's primary concern is making top dollar - not supporting communities.

Money spent locally stays within the local economy, meaning the money spent on our product enables us to support our community members - a cyclical effect that provides for all.

Shopping local also enables you, as the consumer, to be capable of considering where your food comes from and how it was cared for or obtained. It's part of why our grass fed beef, with grass or grain finishes, is as good as it is. By focusing on our community ranching operations we can curate the best of the best. It is our goal to always provide sustainably raised and humanely cared for beef as it is one of the best ways we can #keeptradition.

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