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1875 Beef Supplies Beef for Lake County Schools

1875 Beef is proud to announce that in addition to Klamath County, we will now be supplying beef to Lake County Schools as part of their farm to table program, These programs serve as incredible initiatives available to districts allowing them to source local product from producers in an effort to support sustainable and local operations, and educate youth on where their food comes from.

Recently we had the opportunity of hearing from both Klamath, Jackson, and Josephine County schools' farm to table programmers about the power that these initiatives bring to students in their schools. It's clear to see that there is benefit in placing local goods on student's plates, but the hard work and dedication that these efforts take can sometimes go unnoticed. Programs such as Rogue Valley Farm to School serve as pillars in our communities within Oregon at supporting local ranchers and farmers, as well as students, in provision of quality foods,

"Rogue Valley Farm to School’s Procurement and Nutrition Program works to increase locally grown food in school cafeterias. Serving both Jackson and Josephine Counties, they support school nutrition staff, regional farmers, food businesses, distributors, and other supporting organizations through the Harvest of the Month Program, a Weekly Availability List, and annual Gatherings and Trainings. They also provide direct technical assistance supporting the farm's readiness and process of selling to schools and assisting nutrition staff in their menu planning and utilization of state grant funds to offer seasonal, local foods."

Much like Klamath, Jackson, and Josephine counties, Lake County excitedly offers similar opportunities to local producers and students with their own farm to table program.

As we work first hand in an industry that can often be overrun with click bait information and media jargon tearing down beef, local producers, and more, it is refreshing to know that there are organizations still dedicated to providing rich experiences in food services, supporting communities, and educating on the power of procuring local product.

Thank you Lake County Schools, we can't wait to share our beef with you!

Rancher Jamie driving his truck

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