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Catching up with Klamath Grown

On March 8th, 1875 Beef had the honor of joining other local producers at the Klamath Grown, Find You Farmer event - an opportunity for local producers and buyers to connect over product, network, and share in educational sessions. We learned more about the Farm to Table programs working hard across the state to put local, quality produce and protein on the tables of today's youth. Travel Oregon and OSU extension representatives joined 1875 in talking about Agritourism; what it is, and what it isn't, and how 1875 Beef decided to start a beef company in the wake of the pandemic. Finally, Leap of Taste and Sweet Union Farm discussed their growing relationship, one encompassed by fresh produce and an ever evolving menu of amazing dishes at local cafe and coffee shop, Leap of Taste.

One thing that has continued to inspire us in our development as a beef company, is the way that community rallies together around a good cause - much like placing local foods on the plates of our neighbors, and in the hands of our restaurants and schools. We know what we do is worth while, but getting to be a part of the bigger picture is an exciting testament to the overall goal of community growth and sustainable product.

Some of key take-aways from this opportunity are as follows:

The Klamath County School District is influential is pushing the needle on farm to table programs throughout the state, leading in diversification of foods that our next generation get to eat AND learn about. Not only do they place locally produced product on the menus within schools, they create food specific nutrition education to support focal foods, educating youth on the importance of each product, where it comes from, and why it's a healthy part of their diet.

Our efforts at creating an experience unlike any other at the Cowboy Dinner Tree is remarkable in shaping the way our neighboring communities view rural Oregon, and the West. Leading with open, honest, and ethical ranching practices, and using avenues like social media and our website blog to educate readers, helps shift the dialogue around the beef industry as a whole. While we do not practice agritourism, our endeavors are influential in bringing the West to the mind of consumers.

Lastly, community grown collaboration between producers and buyers is an essential component to growing local business, industry, and nutrition. It's an honor to be a part of such an exciting process, and we can't wait to learn more as we continue to grow!

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