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Empowering Education with Klamath County School District's Farm to Table Program

From the busy sidewalks adorned in fresh cut flowers and ripe with local produce and fruit stands, to the windblown pastures atop the Summer Lake hillsides, 1875 Beef's mission of creating a stronger community holds true time and time again. When we speak to the goal of serving community, it means more than the number on our price tag. Our work in the spaces we take up is important because it acts as an opportunity to reflect authenticity and sincerity for the continued prosper of our people and the people we serve.

One way that we desire to support our communities is in providing for the next generation. 1875 Beef is honored to be supporting Klamath County School District as part of their Farm to Table program with our locally raised ground beef. We feed our families the product we provide our customers, and we know first hand the power of a quality and nutrient dense diet. Providing Oregon schools with access to that same quality is another way we create stronger community. Fell bellies, nourished bodies, empowered children, leading to a next generation of capable leaders.

Founder Jamie Roscoe stands with Klamath County Representative above pastures

Thank you Klamath County Schools for this exciting partnership!

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